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Managing Director

Mr.Wimal Dissanayake

Company biography and mission statement

Imashi Publications was founded in 1997 as a leading publishing company with the vision of ‘’To become the Pioneer of educational publishers in Sri Lanka’’, Since our born in 1997 we are constantly looking to expand our range of publications and services to our valued customers. Using the mix of innovation, drive and passion with the guidance of our visionary founder Mr. Vimal Dissanayake Imashi Group is showing that we can set the bar as to what can be achieved in a short spouse of time within limited resources. As a result, today we are established as 3 leading companies with hundred of human strength Imashi Publications, Imashi Printing and Imashi Colour Seperations.Following is a brief of what we are capable of printing and what we do best.

Imashi Publications

We started our business with ‘’Heesara’’ our very first art news paper in year 1997 and later we managed to earn the trust and reputation by providing the best solutions to different reading segments of the market with our very own publications. All our publications are on top among the rest and we strive to give the best output for our readers. We are publishing 30 different educational papers and magazines for the young Sri Lankans who are thirst of knowledge. We are passionate about championing new and high profile authors and ensuring our output remain a product of beauty, enjoyment and fulfilment to achieve the above objective. We always constantly looking to diversify and expand our range of publications.

Imashi Printing

We are at Imashi Printers believe our first responsibility is to our customers who have trusted us and to give them the best products and services. In meeting their needs, everything we do must be of the best quality and delivered to them in the shortest amount of time. we make every effort to reduce the cost without compromising the quality in order to maintain a reasonable prices for our valued customers. As a company commtied to customer satisfaction we realize it takes more than competitive prices and large inventories to make an impact. When you need a solution, make the right choice for your printing needs, make Imashi your first choice.

Imshi Colour Separations

Choosing your printer is a creative decision in more than one ways. No doubt about it there a lot of quality printers to choose from. Yet selecting who will do your job is only the first of many critical printing related choices. Can the printer meet an accelerated deadline without risking the qulity, is he capable of handling the last minute changers. Addressing these issues isn’t just a budgetary decision but also a creative one because these issues and more will influence the quality of final work – your printed piece.
Your objectives and concerns will be addressed with our resources and experiences team of professionals. We will provide you with in depth industry experience, application engineering and added value services. Combine these capabilities with in time delivery at competitive prices we give you the advantage needed to excel in today’s business market.

In the future Imashi Group will :

– Stay on cutting edge while not dismissing or ignoring the importance of what have we done
– Continue to be the pioneer in publishing educational magazines as irreplaceable and vital to the
– Maintain our goal to provide the reader with something new and timely vital with each